The Mexican Immigrant Who Set Up a Global Drone Firm

Being the joint boss of a fast-growing corporation was however a cultural shock for Mr Muñoz, who had no prior business training nor leadership experience, and had not been to university.

He had instead been used to working on his own, and learning from the internet.

“I come from a generation where we have Google PhDs, we can virtually figure out everything by just Googling around and doing some reading online,” says Mr Muñoz.

“But in my case, the company started growing so fast I couldn’t keep up… It was just ‘boom’ and finally I have a big corporation.”

Thankfully, says Mr Muñoz, he realised that he needed to bring in “super-experienced people” to do the work that he couldn’t.

The company now employs 357 people across four main sites. Mr Muñoz is based in San Diego, southern California, at the company’s engineering centre.

Production takes place just across the Mexican border in Tijuana, Mr Muñoz’ home city, while the company’s sales team is based in Austin, Texas.

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