How I Quit My Job to Travel the World in Style

My life wasn’t always filled with international travel. There was a time when I spent countless hours in an oily chicken fast food joint. Frying chicken and dealing with angry customer—a career completely unsuitable for my outgoing fun-loving personality.

But, that was my reality. Day in and day out—numbers, numbers, numbers. I had very little free time for travel and frankly, not enough money. Now the only numbers I’m counting are the passport stamps I’m collecting!

You know how most people start the New Year with a list of resolutions—things like lose weight, exercise more, and save money? Well, I start the New Year by making travel plans.

In fact I’m leaving for Buenos Aires in a few days to soak up some of the city’s colorful Latin American culture. After that I will be heading to England and a bit later in the year France is in the plans. And I am just getting started—Africa and parts of Asia are also in the travel plans.

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